Why CFE Is Right For You

Is_CFE_Right_for_You-homeboFor years, the Center has provided a customized approach of educating students with various learning, social, and emotional needs at both the advanced and remedial level. We offer differentiated instruction for students who have visual, auditory, non-verbal and language based learning disabilities.

Our programs are student-centered. Students who struggle in a traditional classroom setting will thrive with individual and small group instruction. Children who struggle with school phobia or wish to be in a stress free environment, will able to flourish in a relaxed environment.

Academically gifted students will enjoy the challenges and the limitless boundaries of academia.

Moreover, CFE is renowned for finding the right college that can accommodate each student’s academic ability, personality, and social needs. The Center works personally with each student, to make sure that their goals are suitably and happily met.

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