Mission Statement

The Center For Education believes that all children have unlimited potential when given the proper environment.

Educational Philosophy

The Center for Education’s philosophy is, “If given the right opportunity, all students can meet their academic potential.” Our school is a place where unexplored abilities and interests are discovered.

It is our belief that children need to be given the opportunity for growth. At CFE, we are structured around small group and individualized academic programs, and are committed to the personal development of each student.

Interests are Discovered

What makes CFE so unique is the personalized, multisensory approach that accommodates various learning styles. All CFE students follow a personalized program with ongoing supervision by the Center’s experienced staff. We provide differentiated instruction for students who may have visual, auditory, non-verbal or language-based learning disabilities, utilizing a diversified repertoire of teaching tools that can address every student’s learning differences alike. We can also provide more customized programming. CFE provides on-site therapeutic counseling, speech therapy, social skills services, and OT. In addition, our students receive art therapy, personalized physical fitness and health classes.

The Center for Education is known for its compensatory skill building that it provides in executive skill dysfunction to include organization, time management for long-term assignments and projects, and planning ability.

We are well known for finding the most appropriate college that can accommodate each student’s academic ability, social and emotional needs, as well as level of maturity. The college planning that CFE provides includes SAT preparation, completion of appropriate college preparatory coursework, individualized college planning, portfolio and related materials and guidance.

Our Culture

The Center for Education maintains its structure and student conduct through a “Normative Culture” that sets expectations for each student’s behavior and personal growth. The norms that exist in CFE navigate all students’ efforts to learn social behaviors, self-advocacy, appropriate decision making skills, student accountability, and independent work skills. The culture and climate that exist at CFE is bully free, as well as student and peer friendly, allowing each student to focus on his or her educational achievement – without the unnecessary stressors that may impede a student’s academic experience in a traditional public school setting.

Skill Building Tools

Academic Instruction

The Center for Education is proud of their academic compensatory skill building tools. CFE understands that every student has a different learning style, whether learning challenged or not. We can cater to each type of learning curve, as a result of having a student-to-teacher ratio of two to six students in a class with close proximity. Students who have learning gaps in their academic achievement levels in specific subject areas will have the opportunity to fill in these gaps using a number of methods. Our customized instruction and materials are not only hands-on, but also high-interest, thus increasing the attention span of all students.