What Makes CFE Unique

LearningThatMakesSenseWhat makes CFE so special is the personalized, multisensory approach that accommodates various learning styles. All CFE students follow a personalized program with ongoing supervision by the Center’s experienced staff. Our teaching methods are based on the Howard Gardiner of Harvard’s multiple intelligence approach. We provide differentiated instruction for students who may have visual, auditory, non-verbal or language-based learning disabilities, utilizing a diversified repertoire of teaching tools that can address every student’s learning differences alike. We can also provide more customized servicing for students with learning disabilities.

The Center for Education is known for its compensatory skill building that it provides in executive skill dysfunction to include organization, time management for long-term assignments and projects, and planning ability.

We are well known for finding the most appropriate college that can accommodate each student’s academic ability, social and emotional needs, as well as level of maturity. The college planning that CFE provides includes SAT preparation, completion of appropriate college preparatory coursework, individualized college planning, portfolio and related materials and guidance.

  • Personalized Academic Programs
  • One-to-One instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Small Classes
  • In-School Homework Period
  • 12 Month School Year Available
  • 100% 4-year College Acceptance
  • $68,000 Average Academic College Scholarship (2012-13)
  • Individualized College Counseling and Planning
  • Bully Free
  • Student and Peer Friendly
  • 13th Year Program
  • Academic Credit Recovery Program
  • Flexible Scheduling

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