Todd and Marilyn Pollard

When we brought Bridget to you, she has nearly lost her confidence, curiosity, and desire to learn. School was a threatening, scary place for her; homework was a nightmare, and Mom and Dad were increasingly perceived as enemies instead of allies. Yet in just three short years, you accomplished exactly what you said you could…You gave Bridge a second chance to discover the joy of learning.

Kimberly Patton

…I send my heartfelt appreciation to all of you, as this is why I believe that you are really completing the greatest work of all, giving children a chance when everyone else has given up on them. Thank you.

Drs. Sydria and Scott Schaffer

Marielle was lost in public high school, until she came to CFE. There, she was immersed in an environment which allowed her to blossom. You surrounded her with nurturing support, challenge and she flourished, both in terms of her personal confidence and her academic achievements….Marielle was accepted into the rigorous and exclusive fashion design program at Philadelphia University…we are very proud of her. Thank you again for developing your unique program.

Amy Hughes

It seems so long ago that I found out Marc was failing…at Eastern Regional High School. I didn’t know what to do…we were at sea. I am…even more grateful to all of you for helping to turn Marc’s life around….Marc has managed to turn around his educational life…he now has a chance at success – real success. It is thrilling that he was accepted to all the schools he applied to…The fact that he wants to become a doctor is such a fantastic contrast to the young man who could barely see his way to possibly earning his GED!

Jeff Polcer

We want to thank you for all the work you’ve done on Greg’s behalf. I didn’t ever think I would see the day that Greg would have an opportunity like this (specify). If we did not send Greg to CFE, this most likely would never have happened…

The Gripp Family

Thank you for your time and assistance on behalf of our son and his special needs. Your generous time and wisdom are much appreciated and are a tremendous blessing to our family…

Marla Welker

We are all thrilled and proud of Jessica’s college acceptances and scholarships.  When I think of how far we have come, since her high school Counselor suggested Jess plan to attend Camden County Community College, while Jess and I sat there in panic, it is hard to even imagine.  I brought you an emotionally distraught not particularly compliant 17 year old, still grieving the death of her father, with practically no self-confidence.  She knew that she had seriously dropped the ball in high school, thought it was too late to ever make that up, and doubted she was even capable of learning the material, no matter how many times I told her she could.

During her first week at the Center for Education, Jess was amazed to discover that she could actually understand high school math when taught one of one.  Her confidence soared.  By the end of the first month, it was like I had a different child. Her bedroom evolved from being decorated with spray painted graffiti and beer posters, to SAT vocabulary words and definitions taped and pinned all over the furniture and walls.  The friends she kept are all academically oriented.

Jess has so far been accepted to:  St. John’s University with an annual $21,000 per year Scholastic Excellence Scholarship, Montclair University Honors Program, Pace University, Philadelphia University with a $12,000 per year Faculty Scholarship, and Marymount Manhattan University with a $32,000 per year Academic Excellence Scholarship.  This is the child who was told by her high school Counselor at age 17 the only school she could get into was Camden County Community College.

We will be forever grateful.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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