Case Study – Taylor

Taylor came to CFE in his freshman year with tremendous academic deficits. He was diagnosed with ADHD while a student in the Medford Public School System. It was apparent to us that Taylor also had other learning disabilities. . However, he always strived to do his very best and he worked beyond what his scores indicated.

Taylor’s parents are both professionals; his mom is an instructor at a local college, his dad a well- known physician. Even after Taylor had been with CFE for two years, both parents believed that their son would never go to college, that he was not “college material.”

CFE deemed that it was our job to give Taylor a realistic opportunity in society. If that meant preparing for a vocational career, then CFE would have explored those avenues. However, after a few years at the school, we believed that Taylor could be successful if placed into the appropriate setting. What he needed was a college that would accommodate his needs academically, socially, and emotionally. It was our responsibility to find him the right school.

Today, Taylor is in his second year at Mitchell College. In his last semester, he had over a 3.25 grade point average and just made the Dean’s List. Moreover, he loves college life…and his parents, well, they couldn’t be happier that they were wrong.

SAT Scores:

Verbal: 290

Math: 350

Written Expression: 340

Final G.P.A. 2.19


Colleges Applied and Accepted to:

Mitchell College: On Dean’s List


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