Case Study – Steve

Steve has Aspergers’s Spectrum Disorder. He was a student of the Cherry Hill Public School System; however, the district could not accommodate his needs. Steve was a bright young man with tremendous abilities. Any placement the local district recommended would be restrictive and/or delay his academic development. His mother was a tremendous advocate; still, she was frustrated with the public school process.

Steve, through recommendation of a former student, entered our school in ninth grade. He had tremendous deficits in the language arts. In part, this was due to the previous lack of differentiated and fundamental instruction. Moreover, previous to his admission, Steve was rarely involved in classroom social situations.

At first, Steve received individualized instruction within groups of four in English class. By the time he graduated, Steve was writing essays at a college level. For histories and current events, he was placed in a group of six to eight students where he could learn to feel comfortable debating various topics and where he was able to learn classroom etiquette. While in attendance, various support programs were put into place, i.e. social skills training and peer mentoring, to prepare him for the next chapter in his life. Steve had the ability to attend college and he did.

Steve’s SAT Scores:

Verbal: 530

Math: 650

Written Expression: 520

Final G.P.A 3.88


Colleges Accepted and Applied to:

Drexel University: $62,000 AJ Drexel Academic Scholarship

Fairleigh Dickinson University

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