Case Study – Samantha

Samantha was a very creative individual who struggled to stay on task. She had chronic problems with organization, following instructions, and completing her work in a timely manner. Additionally, she was diagnosed with ADHD. A certified school psychologist recommended that she transfer to CFE from Eastern Regional High School in order to have a less distracted environment, a more supportive staff, and more structure in her daily routine.

An innovative and bright young girl, Samantha entered CFE in tenth grade. In order to keep Samantha on task and centered, the staff developed various techniques to assist with time management and organization. She excelled in academics, and worked diligently to take on a leadership role in the classroom. Students asked for her assistance to proof papers or to quiz them for vocabulary tests. Samantha thrived in this role. Her self-esteem grew and she became a more focused student.

SAT Scores:

Verbal: 590

Math: 670

Written Expression: 650

Final G.P.A. 3.80


College Applied and Accepted to:

Philadelphia University: $40,000 Faculty Scholarship


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