Case Study – Madison

Madison entered CFE in the fourth grade, from the Mt. Laurel Township Schools, based on a recommendation from a learning consultant. Prior to her admission to CFE, Madison was diagnosed with verbal disabilities and anxiety disorders. Madison came in using “babytalk” to help her cope. While mom and dad were supportive of her, the stress of having a child with these issues was taking a toll on their marriage.

It was important for Madison to feel that she had some control in a classroom setting, so as to ameliorate her anxieties. She needed to know that she could always ask for assistance when she did not understand a concept or whenever she had a question. Madison also had to learn to challenge herself and not use “babytalk” as a manipulative tool. Therefore, teaching self-advocacy was imperative. Acknowledging incremental progress was an important step, in order for Madison to feel like she was a part of her success.

Madison stayed with the Center For Education for two years. During that time, she was willing to work to become more responsible for her own actions. Madison learned to become her own advocate, which made her more independent. She was rarely flustered and or frustrated when working with her peers or when working independently. As a result, her anxieties lessened and we were able to work on her academic issues, which were more emotionally-based than organic.



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