Case Study – Gary

Gary was entering his junior year, at Eastern Regional High School, carrying a 51 average. He was failing miserably. Gary was angry and depressed. He was frustrated with himself and he was frustrated in school. His homelife was miserable – he was detached and demoralized. His mother did not know where to turn; she feared he would quit school. Recommended by a local psychiatrist, Gary entered the Center the For Education (CFE) in October of his junior year.

Gary was unlike most students; education was the key to his happiness. At his local public school he was not academically challenged. He was bored in the traditional educational format. At CFE, Gary thrived in a setting where his classes required critical thinking and reasoning. Theories could be debated in an open format. Answers were not just yes and no, multiple choice, or fill in the blank.

He received mentoring as emotional counseling and emotional praise for his accomplishments, which affirmed his abilities.

In October of Gary’s senior year, he approached one of the Directors and said that he felt that he might not be ready to attend college the following fall. Gary thought he may need to attend an additional year, a 13th year, to be more emotionally prepared for the rigors of a college lifestyle, even though he had already completed enough credits to graduate and he already had taken his SATs. During this time at CFE, Gary gained the maturity and emotional security necessary to become successful beyond the high school walls.

Gary’s SAT scores:

Verbal: 740

Math: 540

Written Expression: 580

Final G.P.A 3.12

Colleges Applied and Accepted to:

University of Vermont            $24,000 Academic Scholarship & Honors Program

Northeastern University          $40,000 Academic Scholarship

Clark University                      $64,000 Academic Scholarship

Drew University                     $36,800 Academic Scholarship


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