Student Athlete


Our flexible learning program is tailored around an athlete’s schedule. Throughout the years, the Center For Education has been the school of choice for student-athletes. At times, athletes have to leave school early, miss a class for practice, or travel for games. Flexible scheduling allows the student-athlete to customize their schedules based upon their outside commitments.

While most public and private schools do not allow or cannot accommodate this type of flexible scheduling, CFE welcomes it, and has created a specialized program especially for this type of student-athlete.

Upon admission, each student follows a personalized program under the direct supervision of our experienced staff.

Our schooling includes:

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Personalized Academic Programs
  • Quality Curriculum that Encourages College as the Next Step in Education
  • Stress-Free Atmosphere
  • Bully-Free Atmosphere
  • Customized Scheduling
  • Work can be Completed Outside of the Classroom


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