13th Year Program

13th_YearGive Us One Year – We’ll Give You A College Student in Return!

Do you know a bright, driven high school student not yet socially or emotionally ready for college?

The Center for Education offers a rigorous program for high school seniors who have the potential to succeed in college. These students just need one more year to make it happen. We call it the 13th Year.

The 13th Year Program includes:

  • A curriculum that is customized to each participant’s specific academic and personal needs.
  • Students learn critical thinking and writing skills, not rote memorization.
  • Each 13th Year student is guided through the college planning and application portfolio process by an experienced guidance counselor.
  • Teens are re-taught to think and process information independently, so they become their own best advocate at college.
  • Provides help for those high school seniors who are either lacking enough credits for graduation or are in need of academic credit recovery.
  • Review of a prospective student’s current transcripts and test results to determine whether or not the 13th Year is a good fit for them.
  • There are no fees required to apply to the 13th Year program.

Email us at: 13thYear@CenterForEducation.com

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